Do you know that ... Companies offering website positioning often through their incompetent solutions expose your company to penalties in the form of filters that irreversibly exclude the possibility of displaying in browsers? Trust our certificates and be sure of a good decision!

Build your business card.

We use the latest technologies to keep our services at the highest possible level. By undertaking cooperation with us, along with the made page, you receive a W3C report proving that the page was made in accordance with the art and does not contain errors that impede its display or positioning.


HTML5 is the latest version of the standard describing HTML.


Bootstrap - CSS library, developed by Twitter programmers, published under the MIT license.


Thanks to the use of CSS3, we have many new possibilities in creating websites.


Angular - an open framework and platform for creating SPA, written in TypeScript and supported and developed by Google.


Node.js - a cross-platform, open-source runtime for application development.


PHP - an interpreted scripting programming language designed to generate websites and build web applications in real time.

Why U.S?

Are you still not convinced of our superiority over the competition? Here are our trophies:

Google Certificate

As the only company in the district we can be proud of the Google Internet Revolutions Certificate, which confirms our skills in promoting your business on the Internet.


Our offer


WWW pages

The website is the basic business card of the company nowadays.


Internet shops

Acquire new customers thanks to a professionally made online store.


SEO positioning

Get high in positioning results with us.


Recent realizations

Alpin Rypin is a company that performs mountaineering and construction works. Our task was to build a website from scratch, together with the CMS system.


shop AgroChłopecki


AgroChłopecki is a producer of agricultural machinery. The company's demand was to have an extensive online store in 6 languages. The effects of our work can be seen on their website.


AgroChłopecki also commissioned us to create a business card website. Our main task was to build a site that would be easily positioned in several countries.



PodziemneRadio is a website gathering artists who have not yet been discovered by the public. Our task was to build a main page using JavaScript and Bootstrap elements.

The forum we created for the Underground Radio was created using the MyBB forum engine. The work also involved adding chat and configuration of the forum under the order.

PodziemneRadio Forum


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